Monday, July 20, 2009

Monterey Caricatures!!!

Unfortunately, I was not able to post everyone's picture because i'm too embarrassed to show them all. In any case, I really had a lot of fun with everyone being super duper nice. THe experience was productive and I got to meet a lot of great individuals. I think listening to everyone's stories was the most exciting because I got to learn about one another. I would like to thank all the wonderful peeps for the support and friendly gesture. Hoepfully my friends and I will be returning soon....YarrRrrrrRRRhhhhh(pirate talk).


Jeff Carillo said...

Damn man, Your Caricatures are looking really good. Big improvement from last time! I wish I saw a huge jump in my caricatures. Keep it up man! Can't wait to see the outcome from the next trip.

Jackson said...

You are a brave one, my friend. It's great to see you getting out there and doing stuff like this!

Virgil Serrano said...

"...EMBARRASSED..."?!?...come on dude. If you're brave enough like Jackson says, then the word "embarrassed" shouldn't be in your vocabulary. Time to crank out those drawings til the carpal tunnel kicks in!!!