Saturday, December 12, 2009

Late Halloween Special

I don't know why I've been soOo obbessed with scarecrows lately. I just think they're so darn cool. Don't ya think? This is a personal project for myself and I was motivated by the movie "Trick R Treat." There was a little pumkin monster kid that dressed up as a scarecrow for Halloween and would kill anyone who hates the spooky traditional ghost holiday. So for you trick R treaters/Halloween haters out there, beware of the scarecrow kid.


Jeff Carillo said...

Not bad man! There's still some areas that still need some lovin' but I think I pointed those out before. Is it done or are you gonna add in those clouds??

Jeff Carillo said...

Thanks for the comments man! Just like I was, you're overdue for a new post haha